Mobile phones: the new talking drums of everyday Africa?

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Program workshop: Mobile phones: the new talking drums of everyday Africa?

On December 9 and 10, 2010 a program workshop was organised in Leiden, The Netherlands, entitled ‘Mobile phones: the new talking drums of everyday Africa?’. The workshop hosted people from various sectors, including academia, development organisations, the media and mobile phone companies. Here you can find the program:

Mobile Phones Workshop Program

For a preliminary report, click on: Workshop report

We created a separate webpage for the stakeholders’ workshop:


Paper on change and continuity in communication patterns

2010. Mirjam de Bruijn and Inge Brinkman, ‘Mobile Phone Communication in the margins of Africa Continuity and change of communication patterns and society’, (Paper at workshop: ‘ICT: Africa’s Revolutionary Tools for the 21st Century?’, Edinburgh May 4-5 2010).

Paper on security, mobility and the formation of identities

2010. Mirjam de Bruijn, Inge Brinkman, Adamou Ahmadou, Djimet Seli, ‘Mobility, political insecurity and the formation of identities (displacement cultures): A comparison of three areas of conflict in Africa’, (Paper presented at Conference: ‘Critical Perspectives on Security’, Maastricht, 27 and 28 May 2010).

Paper on conceptual history (south-east Angola)

2010. Inge Brinkman, ‘The social and the economic in south-east Angola’ (Paper at workshop Conceptual History, Stellenbosch).

Paper on War and Mobility in Angola

2009. Inge Brinkman, ‘‘War and mobility. Southeast and Northern Angola in historical perspective‘. (Paper presented at Conference 12 June 2009, Hamburg).

Paper on new ICT and Development

2009. Mirjam de Bruijn, ‘The Information and Communication Technology Revolution: Are we facing a New Development Era For and In Africa?’ (Norwegian Association for Development Research (NFU), Annual Conference 2009 The new global setting: development challenges and alternatives; University of Agder (Norway), 23-24 November 2009).

Paper on community, mobility and social transformation, ISS 2009

2009. Mirjam de Bruijn & Inge Brinkman, ‘Researching mobile communities and social transformation in Angola and Cameroon’, Paper presented at Conference ‘Communicating Africa’, 14 April 2009, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague.

Other Papers 2009

* 2009. Mirjam de Bruijn, Francis Nyamnjoh & Inge Brinkman, ‘Mobile communication and uncertainty in everyday Africa’, (Paper at Conference 9-10 October 2009, Rutgers, USA).

* 2009. Fatima Diallo, ‘Espace public et technologies numériques en Afrique : Emergence, dynamiques et gouvernance du cyberspace sénégalais’ (Paper at conference: ‘Politiques et modes d’appropriation des TIC dans les Suds’, Bordeaux 13-16 October 2009).

* 2009. Francis B. Nyamnjoh, ‘Africa’s Media: Between Professional Ethics and Cultural Belonging,’ (paper at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Windhoek, Namibia, in Distinguished Annual Public Lectures Series).

* 2009. Mirjam de Bruijn, ‘How mobile telephony (re)shapes the social landscape in Cameroon: a case study’ (Paper at ECAS 2009, Leipzig, Panel 99: ‘Connecting Technologies and Social Change’).

* 2009. Mirjam de Bruijn,  ‘Mobiele telefonie in Afrika: een nieuwe weg naar ontwikkeling?’ (Wageningen Volksuniversiteit, 5 September 2009).

* 2009. Walter Gam Nkwi, ‘Coast and salt wata Stories: Travellings and encounters of the Kom of Northwest Cameroon’, (Paper at Conference: New Perspectives in Cameroon Literature?/ Nouvelles Perspectives sur la Litterature Camerounaise?, Yaounde and Buea, Franche-Comte, France, April 15-17, 2009.

Panel New Social Spaces, ECAS 2008

During the ECAS (European Conference for African Studies) conference, Leiden, 11-14 July 2007, Mirjam de Bruijn, Francis Nyamnjoh and Inge Brinkman organised the panel ‘New Social Spaces. Mobility and technology in Africa’. The call for papers, the programme and abstracts of the papers can be consulted here.

The papers presented during the panel have been edited and published in 2009 as a book “Mobile Phones: The New Talking Drums of Everyday Africa”, edited by Mirjam de Bruijn, Francis Nyamnjoh, and Inge Brinkman (see under Publications!).

Innovation, connections and order

During the workshop ‘Innovation, connections and order’, held in Thurnau (Germany) from 3 to 7 june 2008, we presented a summary of our research proposal. The prime aim of the workshop was to establish lines of cooperation between the African Studies Centre and the University of Bayreuth as researchers from both institutes are interested in technologies and connections.

Other Papers 2008

* 2008. Walter Nkwi and Mirjam de Bruijn, ‘The historical mapping of communication and mobility in Africa’, Paper presented 2nd May, Basel.

* 2008. Inge Brinkman, ‘Orality, writing and new ICT: sources and methods in history’, Symposium, ‘Insiders and outsiders. Literature and the Arts in the Context of Globalization’, Leiden, 11 December 2008.

ICT and society in Sudan: a critical historical-anthropological approach

For the APAD conference of 2007 we presented a paper about ICT and society in Sudan during the International conference of the Euro-African Association for the Anthropology of Social Change and Development (APAD), entitled: Development, Liberalism and Modernity: Trajectories for an Anthropology of Social Change, held at the Catholic University of Leuven, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 13-15 December 2007.


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