2012 Workshops and other activities

January 6th – January 27th: Cameroon Writing Workshop for members of Mobile Africa Revisited.

April 4th: ‘Mobile telephony, democracy and development in Africa: Policy and research approaches’. Follow-up of the stakeholders workshop held in December 2010. Here you can find the report of this workshop.

September 14 – 17: Orecom Festival 2012. Click here for more information!

2011 Workshops, Conferences & Call for papers

January 12th 2011: A Country Workshop on ‘Mobile Communication and Migrancy: New choices new challenges’ , organized by the ASC, Leiden in Bamenda, Cameroon. More information

March 27-30th 2011: Computing, Communications and Control Technologies: CCCT 2011, Orlando Florida USA. IMCIC 2011- Call For Papers.

May 18th 2011: ICT for development. Seminar: Innovation of Rural Information Systems. Organized by Co-Capacity, CTA and WUR-CDI, Wageningen. More information

August 17-19th 2011: Africa Media & Democracy Concerence. The Africa Media & Democracy Institute invites papers for its annual Africa Media and Democracy Conference (AMDMC), to be held in Accra-Ghana. The theme for the Conference is:  Media & Democracy towards sustainable stability. More information.

On the 17th, 18th and 19th of october 2011 the conference ‘Le Mexique dans les migrations internationales. Mises en perspective mediterraneennes’ will take place in Marseille. For more information see the program.

2010 Workshops & Conferences

January 11-15th 2010: Mobile Africa Workshop ‘How to deal with research materials?’. Bamenda, Cameroon.

January 20-23rd 2010: APAD conference ‘Engaging anthropology in development and social change: practices, discourses and ethics’. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. 

February 22-23rd 2010: Conceptual History and Global Translations Workshop (STIAS). Stellenbosch, South Africa 

April 26-27th 2010: ‘Museums, Mobile Devices and Social Media: Where we are today, what’s next?’ Organizers: Rutgers University Center for Mobile Communication Studies & the Liberty Science Center. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

May 4- 5th 2010: ‘ICT: Africa’s Revolutionary Tools for the 21st Century?’ International conference at the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh.

August 24 – 27th 2010: European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) Annual Conference, workshop “Digital Anthropology”. Maynooth, Ireland.

October 14-16th 2010: ‘ICT and Human Mobility: Cases from developing countries and beyond’. Call for Papers for a special edition of  NEW MEDIA, ALTERNATIVE POLITICS Conference, Cambridge University’s Centre of Governance and Human Rights. For the conference programme and to book online, please see:  More information.

December 1-3rd 2010: The Policy Research Centre on Equal Opportunities (PRCEO), Second “Equal is not enough” Conference, “Challenging differences and inequalities in contemporary societies”. Antwerp, Belgium.

December 9 & 10th 2010: “Mobile Phones: The new talking drums of everyday Africa?” ASC, Leiden, the Netherlands. Invitation & Program Friday afternoon / Mobile Phones Workshop Program & Participants

December 13-16th 2010:International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies  and Development (ICTD). London.

2009 Workshops & Conferences

October 9-11th 2009: Center for Mobile Communication Studies, Rutgers University, ‘Mobile Communication and Social Policy Conference‘. New Jersey, USA.

October 23-24th 2009: Internet Interdisciplinary Institute in Barcelona, “Conference on Development and Information Technologies. Mobile Phones and Internet in Latin America and Africa: What benefits for the most disadvantaged?”, Barcelona. (IN3 Publication)


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