Dr. Inge Brinkman


After having finished her studies in History and African Studies, Inge Brinkman received her Ph.D. degree at Leiden University (The Netherlands) in 1996 with a thesis on literature, identity and gender in Kenya. She worked at Cologne University (Germany) on a post-doctoral research project, studying violence and exile on the basis of fieldwork with refugees from South-East Angola. From 2001 to 2004 she was engaged in research at Ghent University (Belgium) on the relations between nationalism, religion and popular culture in Northern Angola.

In 2005-2006 she carried out a project on the socio-cultural history of forty years of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation at the African Studies Centre in Leiden.

Since 2007 she has been engaged in a programme on communication technologies, mobility and social relations in historical perspective, with as research focus Angola.


Currently I am teaching African History at Ghent University (see: http://www.ccc.ugent.be). But as of July 2012 I will return to the programme as co-ordinator and carrying out research in the programme ‘Mobile Africa Revisited’.

Apart from the co-ordination of the programme, I have been carrying out research, especially with people from southeast Angola. How do they view the history of war and peace in relation to mobility, communication and identity? I especially try to follow family networks in Rundu (Northern Namibia) and Menongue (Southeastern Angola) to find out how their connections and communication evolved over time.

In the meantime I also wrote about communication practices in Northern Angola, especially related to the politics of identity in the region.

For a brief explanation, view:

Case studies Southeast and North Angola


*          Book Edition: Mirjam de Bruijn, Francis Nyamnjoh and Inge Brinkman (eds), Mobile Phones: The New Talking Drums of Everyday Africa (Bamenda, Leiden: Langaa RPCIG, African Studies Centre, 2009). http://www.africanbookscollective.com/books/mobile-phones-the-new-talking-drums-of-everyday, for more info, view the Publications’ site on this site.

*          Article: ‘UPA Pamphlets and Politics in Northern Angola: Changing Concerns, Changing Messages, Around 1961,’ in: Joseph C. Miller, Philip J. Havik and David Birmingham (eds.), A Scholar for All Seasons: Jill Dias, 1944-2008, Special Double Issue, Portuguese Studies Review, 19, 1/2 (2011) 293-310. View: portuguese studies review

*          Article (with Mirjam de Bruijn), “Communicating Africa”. Researching Mobile Kin Communities, Communication Technologies, and Social Transformation in Angola and Cameroon’, Autrepart 57/58 (2011) pp. 41-58.

View: Communicating Africa de Bruijn Brinkman 5,000 signs less

*          Article (with Mirjam de Bruijn), ‘Mobility, ICT and social relations in Africa’, NVAS newsletter (March 2011)


*          Article (with Siri Lamoureaux, Daniela Merolla, Mirjam de Bruijn), ‘Local stories, global discussions: websites, politics and identity in African contexts’, in: Herman Wasserman (ed), Popular media, democracy and development in Africa (London, New York 2010) pp. 236-252. View: Brinkman et al proofs

*          Article: (with Silvia Alessi), ‘From “lands at the end of the earth” to “lands of progress”? Communication and mobility in South-Eastern Angola’, in: Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol and Adela Ros Híjar (eds), Communication Technologies in Latin America and Africa: a multidisciplinary perspective (Barcelona 2009) pp. 193-220. View: Chapter_07_Brinkman_et_al

 *          Review: ‘Sónia Silva, Along an African border. Angolan refugees and their divination baskets.’ H-Net Reviews. June, 2011. https://www.h-net.org/reviews/showpdf.php?id=32927

* Review: ‘Chabal, Patrick; Vidal, Nuno, ed., Angola: The Weight of History.’ H-Luso-Africa, H-Net Reviews. April, 2010.

For a list of publication, view:



For more Papers, view ‘Conferences and Workshops’ on this site.

10 December 2010, Leiden, The Netherlands, Stakeholders’ Workshop, with Mirjam de Bruijn: ‘Calling for equality. Communication technologies and Social Hierarchies’. View: page Stakeholders’ Workshop on this site.

26- 27 May 2011, Helsinki, Finland: Conference on ‘Conceptual history’. Title: ‘The World Bank and the nzango. The ‘global Information and Knowledge Society’ and south-east Angolan knowledge traditions.’

 15-17 June 2011, Uppsala, Sweden, ECAS, panel on displacement cultures. Title: ‘The country is the people. National identity and Angolan immigrants in Rundu, Namibia’. View: ECAS ms inge brinkman1

12 October 2011, History department, Ghent University, Community, Comparisons, Connections Research Group meeting. Title: Knowledge traditions in south-east Angola.

2 December 2011, Ghent Africa Platform, Conference: ‘(R)Urban Africa’. Title: ‘Town and country in Angola’.

View: Town village bush GAP Brinkman

29 October 2012, At the Conference (organised by NABC and ASC) ‘Africa Works!’ of 28 and 29 October 2012 in Zeist, The Netherlands, there was a workshop on ICT in Africa, in which Mirjam de Bruijn was one of the contributors. I wrote a small report on the occasion: Africa Works




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