Film and Photo

Burning Grass
How the nomads life is changing in a world of increasing insecurities and new mobilities.

Pay Back Time
Internet and Fraud. Short version – 9 minutes

Emanuel’s callbox
Emanuel, a callbox owner and referee in Buea, Cameroon is a cheerful, energetic smart man without legs.


The wireless camel
Mobile phones in Sudan, the business around phones and the companies behind it- an insight in the way the mobile phone has altered the Sudanese landscape.

Cameroonians about phones
Cameroonians discussing the mobile phone, its use and what the phone means to them in their life.

Trailer ‘Connecting Dreams’
Success/failure, crossing borders and new ICT, Sjoerd Sijsma (Eyeses)


Abba Djaouro – Cellulaire (Nord Cameroun)

A song dedicated to cell phones in northern Cameroon.


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